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technology consulting


For over 20 years, Galvan has been advising agencies on cutting-edge IT solutions – improving performance, maximizing efficiency with substantial return-on-investments. Searching for experienced consultants to dive into your technology issues and provide customized, robust solutions that drive results? Galvan & Associates are ready to tackle your IT issues.

area of expertise

Technology Consulting

Past Performance

Strategic Modernization

When a federal CIO needed a strategic modernization approach that would be sensitive to the agency’s operational and financial constraints, they engaged Galvan to develop and implement a comprehensive portfolio of high-impact agency initiatives.  Our efforts included the development of improved IT investment governance using Technology Business Management (TBM) for cost management, introducing Robotic Process Automations (RPAs) for process improvement, and developing data analytics dashboards to enable better review key of metrics for the agency’s customer eligibility and compliance with the set-aside programs.


IT Advisory

When an agency whose mission is focused on the safety of the nation’s food supply needed expert IT Advisory services, they turned to Galvan who provided the full portfolio of CIO Enterprise Management Support Services for Strategy, IT Governance, Enterprise Architecture, and Data Management.


Supply Chain and Logistics Management

Galvan has advised clients on logistics management ranging from pre-disaster planning and mitigation to supporting the disaster response and recovery process after a disaster event. With our specialized understanding of logistic tracking requirements in pre- and post-disaster environments, Galvan has teamed with the federal government to help boost response performance and increase program efficiencies. Galvan successfully fused the delivery of position data with specialized reporting and inventory control improvements that strengthened disaster responses over years of performance. The team developed new program performance metrics providing more transparency to agency leaders. Galvan further advised the client with after-action analyses that provided lessons learned and recommendations for disaster responses in addition to providing readiness training for client personnel.


IT Roadmap and Robotic Process Automation Guide Effective Agency IT Goals


The COVID-19 response required a federal agency to substantially expand the scope and volume of its activities to help mitigate the economic damage. The scope of these requirements significantly challenged the agency’s existing IT infrastructure and work processes.


The client agency brought in the Galvan team to assess potential risks to the agency’s mission within its legacy IT systems and procedures and to recommend solutions. The team analyzed the current environment, both the shortcomings and successes. They interviewed the key stakeholders and leadership within the agency, along with performing data analysis and document reviews.

Documenting this initial “as-is” condition allowed the team to identify how specific challenges affected performance along with the relative importance of agency goals to each other. Galvan conducted significant data and process analysis on these findings.


The team created a unique matrix scoring system integrating risks, the potential effects caused by individual risk if not mitigated and its importance to agency goals and meeting regulatory requirements.

This process allowed Galvan to create a road map for the agency toward improvement and recommended specific initiatives with weighted importance based on our findings. The client then implemented selected initiatives, including significant use of Robotic Process Automation.

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