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Galvan provides expert business management and consulting services leading to better organizational performance, increased efficiency, less risk and cost savings. We have a proven track record serving organizations across the federal, state and local levels. Let us work with you to find solutions to your challenges!


Business management

Past Performance

IT Risk Management

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, a federal agency had to respond urgently to twin challenges: the distribution of hundreds of billions dollars of new pandemic related funding while simultaneously managing unprecedented amounts of stress on its IT and financial systems.  The agency engaged Galvan & Associates to review, set forth a plan, and address immediate improvement in its IT infrastructure to support delivery of its mission. Galvan successfully completed an agency-wide approach to review IT Risk, IT Management, and the ability of the current infrastructure to achieve scale and operational efficiency to meet the agency’s future scope and objectives.


Strategic Plan

The Chief Financial Officer of a small federal agency needed to develop a new operating model and urgently hire key new strategic hires into critical budget and finance functions.  The CFO engaged Galvan & Associates to develop a new strategic plan along with developing new budget, accounting and procurement policies and procedures in support of the new strategy. Galvan also supported the necessary change management efforts to ensure the successful transition of new and existing staff into the new operating model.


Robotic Process Automation

Freeing up obligated but unexpended budget funds so they can be used efficiently elsewhere and do not appear on the financial statement as Undelivered Orders (UDO’s) is a continual challenge faced by most Federal Organizations.  So when the Deputy CFO of a Federal Agency approached Galvan about mapping the current business processes for these unliquidated obligations, we were able to respond immediately and successfully completed the development of robotic process automations (RPAs) that not only increase the productivity of core staff, but also dramatically improved the ability to reallocate needed funds within the agency.


Advisory Services Result in Efficiency and Savings


A local Public Housing Authority was designated by the U.S. Department of Housing and Development (HUD) as in a “Troubled” status. A metric HUD uses for evaluating that status in its Public Housing Assessment Status (PHAS) scores. Possible consequences from remaining at that status include HUD putting the housing agency into receivership.


Galvan provided advisory services to the PHA leadership on options to best improve their organization’s performance, with the specific short-term objective of avoiding receivership and improving its Troubled status category.

Our team began with a thorough review of the HUD’s assessment, engaged in interviews with PHA leadership, operational and administrative stakeholders to identify challenges that led to the current status.

We recommended a plan of 51 options that could help avoid receivership and demonstrate improvement. A process was implemented by the PHA to internally monitor its performance, including financial management and housing operations.


HUD accepted the PHA’s submission on how to improve without requiring revisions. Not only did the PHA avoid receivership, their projected financial savings was over $1.5 million. In less than two years, the PHA improved its PHAs scores enough to earn HUD’s “High Performing Agency” status, a complete turnaround.

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